The Tomatis Method

The Tomatis Method is based on the work of Dr. Alfred A. Tomatis. Dr. Tomatis was a French physician and Otolaryngology specialist who has spent the past 50 years developing a method of auditory stimulation which assists and accelerates the development of listening skills, language and communication. This world-renowned method, The Tomatis Method, has been successfully applied by speech, language, and learning specialists through out the United States. Not only has this method seen success here in the U.S., it has been used by special education teachers and psychologists in Canada as well as physicians, musicians, teachers, and orthophonists in Europe. The success rates in Europe are so high that it is covered by insurance companies to treat various learning disabilities and learning problems.

Used extensively in Europe and Canada, The Tomatis Method is relatively new to the United States. Currently there are only 12 centers nationwide that offer the Tomatis Method of auditory stimulation and re-education.

The Tomatis Method is considered to be experimental in the United States. Tomatis practitioners are establishing research projects for publication in peer review journals and publications. All research to date has been conducted in France, Germany, England, Italy and Canada. Research findings indicate that the Tomatis Method an efficacious therapeutic intervention for communication, learning and behavioral problems.